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Welcome to my humble abode ;) This blog is focused on Kellic and my love for music <3
Come on over and chat with me c: I dont bite ;3 **if i follow you, it will be under my personal blog**
Alex:Give it up for-
*Crowd screams*
Alex:Wait! Let me finish! I could have said Hitler and make all of you look like assholes
Anonymous asked: Okay i fucking love you and your fan fics. BUT when i first started reading like hella long ago your blog was so different and shit man. Like you had a link thingy for feeling sad and you cared way more but now that you have more followers you've changed.



Excuse you. I never had a link for feeling sad. That was captainkellic, so perhaps get your facts straight? And hi, you don’t know me, you’ve never met me, you have no idea about my care level and when people come to me with their problems and whatever, I always reply and attempt to be helpful. You have NO IDEA how many times every day I try and cheer people up. 99% of the time it’s OFF anon because I ask people to do it off anon. Just because you don’t see it and just because I’m not the type of person to be super super obvious about it to show off that I’m “caring” doesn’t mean I don’t care. If you’re talking about the past couple of days, maybe I’m going through my own shit and find it difficult to take on anyone else’s problems (because let’s face it here, I’m not obliged to be a therapist). I’m not Dr Phil and this is really offensive considering the amount of times I sit her answering everyone’s messages and trying to make people feel better by writing fanfics. just no. 

Who the fuck does this anon think he/she is?

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